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I haven’t laughed so hard in a rlly long time


I haven’t laughed so hard in a rlly long time

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the turkey swiss on rye incident

aha, the full post. get back on my blog.

The Office in real life

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if someone ever calls u a mean name just respond “nah” like how do you even respond to that realistically 

some person: hey asstown 
you: nah 
some person:

i think my favourite part about this post is that out of all the mean names someone could realistically call you, they chose “asstown”

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This is no time for fine words, but a time to lift one’s voice against the savagery of a people who claim to be the dispensers of democracy.

—Marcus Garvey

Man is born without the equipment for appropriate action which the animal possesses; he is dependent on his parents for a longer time than any animal, and his reactions to his surroundings are less quick and less effective than the automatically regulated instinctive actions are. He goes through all the dangers and fears which this lack of instinctive equipment implies. Yet this very helplessness of man is the basis from which human development springs; man’s biological weakness is the condition of human culture.

—Erich From„ “Escape From Freedom”
(Holt Publishing, 1996), p. 32

There must be those among whom we can sit down and weep and still be counted as warriors.

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Average IQ for U.S. states.


Average IQ for U.S. states.